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For those of us who don’t have a home office, working from home can look a lot of different ways. Without a designated work zone, you might find yourself constantly switching up where in the house you work. Some days you might be working from the kitchen table or couch, and other days you might be working exclusively from bed (or perhaps a mixture of all three). Whatever constitutes your WFH space, there are a few home-office products that can completely change the functionality of your space, starting with a bed tray, aka a lap desk.
Bed trays make working from the coziest places in the house — like your favorite recliner or on top of your mattress — so much easier, not to mention more comfortable. Not only are bed trays height adjustable, but many also can be rotated for a better visual and ergonomic presentation. Whether you need something compact and simple or are looking for a bed tray equipped with USB ports, a phone holder, or storage drawers, we’ve got you and your WFH space covered. Shop our top picks for bed trays ahead.
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