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18 Best Men’s Skincare Brands in 2022
Let’s face it: there’s a reason as to why some skincare products are formulated specifically for us guys. Actually…there are several reasons.
For one, many of the occupations dominated by men require time spent outside, so sun damage is a particular concern. More obviously, men have thicker skin than women due to exponentially higher levels of testosterone production in men. Testosterone leads to increased oil (sebum) production, presenting a unique skincare concern. Further, while shaving and other forms of facial hair grooming may help to promote collagen production and slow down aging in men, they can also increase the incidence of breakouts and clog pores by irritating the skin and causing ingrown hairs.
And just like women, men’s lifestyle factors like nutrition and sleep will equally impact skin quality. It’s for these reasons that we’ve put together the ultimate guide to help men choose a skincare brand that works specifically for them.
The best men’s skincare brands emphasize cleansing, hydrating, repair, and skin nourishment. Some brands include serums that supply concentrated nutrients that penetrate the skin’s epidermis, giving the face a minor lift.
When choosing a skincare brand, see what it offers in serums, both water-based and oil-based, as both are needed for optimal hydration and moisturization. Therefore, use one of each type to achieve the best results. Steer clear of brands that promote hype over a prescriptive regimen.
Reputable research studies support brands that are nutrient-based versus having products that are made primarily of water. The best men’s skincare brands focus on adding ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin B5, retinols, SPF (sunscreen), AHA and BHA (to fight free radicals), glycolic acid, and hyaluronic acid (HA). Natural cleansers, moisturizers, and exfoliators are featured in the best brands’ lines.
The best brands offer:
Knowing the above information is helpful as you review the following best skincare brands for men.
Take a step back from hazardous ingredients, synthetic perfumes, and phthalates, and step forward to achieve meaningful skincare outcomes. Currently, this forward-thinking brand is selling a men’s skincare Starter Kit, which includes Blu Atlas’ volcanic ash face cleanser, body wash, moisturizing lotion, and deodorant—all top-rated products.
All Blu Atlas formulas contain natural substances, which will elevate your level of skincare to a whole new level.
What’s more, Blu Atlas has just launched an eau de parfum fragrance called Atlantis, which is already generating considerable buzz. This fragrance, which contains male-friendly notes like bergamot, clary sage, and patchouli, is appropriate for both office professionals and adventurous outdoorsmen.
Overall, Blu Atlas stands out from the crowd due to the brand’s unique blend of natural ingredients. Ranked the #1 best men’s skincare brand by Forbes, Men’s Journal, and D Magazine, the company’s line of skincare products are as beneficial to your health as they are to the environment.
Use these products as your new go-to formulas for your daily skincare routine. Blu Atlas also offers a 100% money-back guarantee on all of its products—all the more reason to review the brand’s skincare line and purchase some of its products.
Gillette has a long and rich history with men’s skincare, and therefore is a trusted brand for men around the world. The products you’ll find in Gillette’s highly-acclaimed King C. Gillette line are developed by renowned skincare and cosmetics experts across the globe.
The newly-mined line features a shave gel, beard & face wash, beard balm, and beard oil. All products are feature clean ingredients like avocado oil, coconut water, white tea extract, and argan oil—just to name a few. You’ll find the King C. Gillette signature scent present throughout the product line, which strikes the wearer—and those around him—with compelling top notes of cardamom and ginger, warm middle notes of lavender and bourbon oil, and masculine base notes of patchouli and sandalwood.
If you’re hesitant about trying something new, go with what works and check out the King C. Gillette line at your nearest drugstore.
Focused squarely on men’s skincare, Bulldog Skincare was founded in 2007 in London. The brand features natural, cruelty-free formulations to prevent any complications that might arise from using products that contain chemicals and synthetic ingredients.
The skincare line is accessible online and is found on many ecommerce sites. Among the items to purchase is the brand’s moisturizer, which contains eight essential oils together with green tea, green algae, konjac mannan, and vitamin E—all made to refresh the skin.
Like Gillette, the Bulldog brand manufactures shavers, beard oils, and other hygiene essentials, one of which is an oil-control face wash. The product is formulated with willow bark, juniper, and witch hazel to help manage the production of excess sebum.
Appelles is a name you’re likely to recognize if you’ve stayed in an upscale hotel while traveling throughout the world. The well-known skincare brand can be found in prestigious establishments worldwide, from Canberra’s trustworthy East Hotel to the far-flung bastions of luxury, such as the Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai.
There’s a valid rationale for the widespread use of the Appelles brand. Among premium international skincare companies, Appelles is one of the most approachable. Many of the company’s products are separated into collections to make it a lot simpler for men to pick the best products for them.
Given the fact that the company offers more body items than face products—such as hand creams and body wash—the upscale brand is an excellent choice for rounding out skin care regimens that extend beyond the face.
Aesop is one of the most well-known skincare products in the world, and is also one of the most dependable for all skin types, especially men with sensitive skin. A vast selection of products for every phase of the grooming regimen is available to men who want to spice up their routine with new formulas.
One of the skincare brand’s most popular items is its Parsley Seed Antioxidant Serum, which contains grape seed, panthenol, and parsley seed in an aloe vera base. The brand’s Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste, which contains fine quartz and lactic acid, exfoliates dead skin cells gently and effectively.
Although Patricks was originally known for using the best of organic ingredients in its hair care products, the company has since expanded its offerings to include a full skincare line, which includes the FS1 Volcanic Sand & Crushed Diamond Face Scrub, EB1 Eye Balm, and AM1 Anti-Aging Moisturizer, all of which contain the highly effective hyaluronic acid as the primary active ingredient.
If traveling or long hours at work has negatively impacted the appearance of the skin beneath your eyes, EB1 Eye Balm can rejuvenate this delicate facial area and freshen your appearance. And it’s one of the very few eye balms on the market that actually alleviates puffiness.
To apply the balm, begin at the orbital bone and work your way outwards from the inner to outer corners of the face, ending with a rapid and soft upwards motion toward the brow area. Using this technique will keep you from looking tired.
It’s difficult to find a men’s skincare brand that is especially made to appeal to all skin types. However, Youth to the People, located in California, has built its company on this concept.
The brand carries an extensive selection of pro-grade vegan skincare products that contain innovative superfood components, therefore making it the ideal brand for purely natural skincare regimens.
One product to keep an eye out for is the Superberry Hydrate & Glow Dream Mask, which has vitamins C and squalene as well as hyaluronic acid in its formula. The brand’s Dream Eye Cream, which contains goji stem cells, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C, will keep your undereye area smooth and nourished.
The ingredients in Triumph & Disaster formulas are sourced from New Zealand’s pristine landscape as well as the broader South Pacific area. One of the substances featured is Tasmanian Pepper Fruit Extract (used in the brand’s Logic Toner).
With a product line that includes items for the face, hair, and body, the brand is a great choice for one-stop shopping for all of your male grooming needs.
Also available from the brand is one of the best eye serums available on the market—the Dichotomy Eye Serum, which contains ingredients such as Norwegian kelp, swamp maple, horopito, St. Paul’s wort, Persian silk tree, and Kakadu plum fruit extract.
When it comes to men’s grooming products, Baxter of California, along with other well-known names like Paula’s Choice and Grown Alchemist, is one of the most popular and readily available options for men’s skincare today.
The brand represents a variety of products that are worth your review. However, one product that is especially noteworthy is the brand’s anti-aging cream. The moisturizer, which is made specifically for men, contains organic ingredients such as vigna extract, soy protein, apricot oil, and caffeine extract to stimulate blood flow.
This apothecary themed skincare line, created by Ramdane Touhani and Victoire de Taillac, serves as the perfect companion for the world-traveling gentleman. Despite its antique-type advertising, the brand’s formulas have their origins in ancient grooming practices and natural cures from civilizations across the globe.
Products to try out include the brand’s Pommade Virginale Face Moisturizer and its Pommade Concrete Hand and Foot Cream. For undereye improvement, apply Vide Poche Eye Serum.
Acquiring a Sisley addiction is a pricey habit to have. The luxury brand tends to develop products only when it feels it has something unique to offer. The company therefore does not launch products just to attract attention or create hype.
Men’s goods in the line include one (great) moisturizer and one (excellent) aftershave balm—and the quality is superb. Also, try the line’s eye contour mask, the Black Rose Cream Mask, and the Sisleyum Global Revitalizer for Men.
The specialists at Estée Lauder were the first people Tom Ford turned to when he was planning to create a skincare line. He knows that guys want to appear their best, but they want to do it in an easy and natural manner. That is why his line of skincare is ideal for a guy who wants a clearcut approach to skincare.
You will appreciate the Oil-Free Daily Moisturizer with its non-greasy lightweight composition, the Intensive Purifying Mud Mask, and the Bronzing Gel, all great picks for looking your best throughout the seasons.
Over the years, Lab Series has provided excellent skincare products. The company is dedicated to seeing what works with the sole mission of improving the skin. For example, the brand produced the first blemish balm (BB) tinted cream, made especially for men, and one of the first moisturizing creams using skin-perfecting blurring technology.
Some of the must-have products in the skincare line include the brand’s Days Rescue Defense Lotion with an SPF 35 sunscreen and Multi-Action Face Wash. The BB Tinted Cream features a Broad Spectrum SPF 35. All the products are superb examples of the latest innovations of the best skincare brands for men.
A dermatologist to Hollywood’s A-List, the brand’s creator Ole Henriksen frequently prepares celebrities for red-carpet appearances. It’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about skincare formulas and their applications.
This brand features four classifications based on your skin type or skincare concern: Truth, Transform, Balance, and Nurture. For example, brightening products are displayed under the Balance category, while dry/sensitive skin products are featured under the Nurture category.
Some of the top products in the line include the Banana Bright Eye Creme, Balancing Force Oil Control Toner, and the brand’s Truth Serum.
Do you want your skincare brand to offer products that are made entirely of organic and bio-dynamic components packaged in recyclable glass and metal? Take a look at Dr. Hauschka, which is considered to be one of the first “free-from” skincare companies.
“Free-from” formulas leave out certain ingredients to reduce risks from skin irritations and allergies.
Clarifying products in the line are excellent for getting rid of acne and treating congested skin. They are also mild on the skin.
Review the line’s premium formulas, such as its Clarifying Clay Mask, Eye Balm, and Clarifying Steam Bath products.
At the top of every to-do list is a visit to an Aman resort, such as Amanpulo in the Palawan Islands or Amangiri in Utah—at least that’s the cases for men who have an addiction to Aman Skincare products. The brand’s network of tropical getaways and hideaways has led to the development of some great spa-type products.
If you cannot afford being pampered at one of the brand’s spas, you can enjoy one of the company’s upscale products at home. Check out the Aman Purifying Marine Face Wash, the Purifying Hyaluronic Facial Hydrator, and the Grounding Face Mist.
Disco was founded by Ben Smith, who recognized that men’s skincare products lacked safe and ethical choices. Disco is a clean skincare brand that is designed to be an uncomplicated part in any man’s self-care regimen.
Smith collaborated with Yale-trained dermatologist Dr. Eva Simmons O’Brien to confirm the efficacy of his brand’s formulas.
The company’s award-winning, five-star products include a Rejuvenating Face Mask and Repairing Eye Stick, both of which have received numerous accolades.The company only uses substances that have a specific function. For example, you’ll see Disco products with bentonite clay, which is used to remove excess oil, and apricot oil, added to decrease inflammation. Other Disco formulas include willow bark to reduces redness and puffiness, and charcoal to eliminate impurities.
The year 2021 was a watershed period in the history of Korean skincare, and the craze is far from over. Dr. Jart+ is a best-selling Korean skincare brand that offers cutting-edge (but effective) skincare formulas—all well-known for their ability to improve the texture and appearance of the skin.
Despite the fact that Dr. Jart+ isn’t a defined skincare brand for men, the brand’s product line is jam-packed with every sort of treatment you could possibly want—from toner to serum to eye cream to face mask.
For example, Dr. Jart+’s Cicapair Color Correcting Treatment made headlines in 2021 when it was introduced to the public. Because of the inclusion of the treatment’s main ingredient, Tiger Grass (also called Centella asiatica or cica), the product easily melts into the epidermis. It is especially beneficial for those who have excessive redness due to rosacea, acne, or post-inflammatory acne scarring.
Tips and Tricks from the Experts
Now that you’re well acquainted with 18 of the best men’s skincare brands in the game, it’s time to read up on some best practices for choosing a brand to which you can entrust the health of one of the most important organs of your body: your skin. Read on for our expert tips on topics like what ingredients to avoid to determining your unique skin type.
Investing the additional time each day in a skincare regimen is worthwhile if the time is spent using the right skincare products.
Many skincare businesses make lofty sounding claims about their products’ effectiveness while actually providing inferior formulas laden with synthetic substances. That is why it pays to ignore the hype and scrutinize the ingredients.
Therefore, it is important to review the components in the skincare products you want to purchase. Answer some key questions, such as the following:
Fillers do nothing for a product and, in many instances, cause irritation or redness. Also, artificial fragrances in some products can damage the skin. Because companies, in many cases, do not legally do not have to disclose the types of artificial perfumes they add, artificial scents may produce an allergic response or contain harmful substances, such as phthalates. Chemical scents can also dry the skin.
The best skincare brand for men features products that are scented with natural oils or do not contain a scent. Also, facial cleansers should be made to eliminate dirt and oil without stripping the skin’s natural oil and moisture.
Facial washes that contain harsh detergents or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) often create a good deal of lather. However, this does not mean they are cleaning the skin properly.
Skincare brands with alcohol added in their formulas should also be avoided as alcohol dehydrates and dries the skin, causing it to lose natural moisture. A good example is an aftershave, which often contains the ingredient. After you shave, you should use a product that moisturizes and prevents irritation or dryness—something that alcohol tends to cause.
Products that contain alcohol tighten the skin as well as cause redness. The idea of an aftershave is to refresh and moisturize the skin, not potentially damage it.
A man’s skincare brand should feature anti-aging skincare products that boost collagen production. While skincare manufacturers make incredible claims about their anti-aging moisturizers, many of the claims cannot be supported by research.
Anti-aging formulas that work can include protein peptides, components that promote collagen formation. In turn, a man will experience toned and more youthful looking skin that is less prone to wrinkles and sagging.
Hyaluronic acid (HA) is still another important anti-aging component in men’s skincare formulas. The gel-like substance stores over 1,000 times its weight in water. Therefore, HA effectively supports skin hydration and works much better than a filler, such as petroleum. While petroleum covers the skin, it really does not do much of anything else.
A top skincare brand should address sun damage by featuring formulas, preferably serums, that contain vitamin C. The nutrient helps to reduce the damage imparted by UV radiation and environmental damage.
Once you discover the best men’s skincare brand for you, you need to follow a regular skincare routine. Make sure you follow the direction on the skincare product to optimize your results. Also, don’t expect to achieve results right away. By following a consistent and systematic approach, you will slowly but surely realize your skincare goals.
A brand’s skincare formulation is simply the product’s recipe in its most basic form. Formulating skincare products requires a great deal of scientific knowledge and expertise. Chemists must carefully review and assess the measurements of the components, the sequence in which the ingredients are used, and whether or not two substances will work. Therefore, it is important to consider the formulas of a brand’s product line and research scientific claims.
Before choosing a brand, look for proof that the company’s products are effective from studies and from testimonials. See if the brand has aligned itself with dermatologists or chemists in the cosmetic industry. These partnerships show that a brand is committed to ensuring its products’ performance.
You also want to choose a brand that features products that will meet your specific skincare needs. What works for one man may not work for another. It is thus important that you determine your skin type before making a selection.
Is your skin dry, oily, combination, sensitive, mature, acne-prone, or normal? Do you want your products to target dryness or do you need them to absorb oil and prevent breakouts? That’s why you must choose a brand with products that address your specific skincare needs and concerns.
One of the easy ways to determine your skin type is to use a blotting sheet. Press the paper against different facial areas, then hold the sheet up to the light to check the absorption of oil. The more oil on the paper, the more oil on your face.
If the bloating paper shows minimal oil in the T-zone area, your skin type is either combination or normal. To achieve the best results, perform the test later in the afternoon or in the evening. Blotting the skin right after cleansing distorts the results.




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