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Spring 2022 golf apparel collections have arrived, which means it’s time to pack away the coats and take a look at what’s trending for a seasonal wardrobe refresh.
Color sets the tone for spring, from flowers budding to green pastures and blue skies. It’s the signal of brighter days, and the need for optimism after such uncertain times is even more apparent. Fashion is no exception as we trade darker solid clothing for vibrant hues and eye-catching patterns. The yearning for more lightheartedness and even celebratory moods is clearly pronounced on fashion runways and retail racks.
Eysan Fabrics forecasts that sales of violet, green, yellow and pink will be popular this season.
Colors for the season in sportswear forecasted by Eysan Fabrics range from bold violet to vibrant green that can create a cool and bright touch to matted colors like deep navy. Pastels are mega-saturated and a neon palette serves to shake things up a bit. Canary yellow, hot pink, and sky blue go a long way to lift neutrals.
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“It’s mind over matter right now,” said Megan LaMothe, founder and CEO, Foray Golf. “Even if Covid isn’t gone, our sensibilities have changed from the dark and neutrals we’ve been in for several seasons to optimistic brights — cheerful yellows, bubblegum pinks and glacial blues. We’ve manifested many of these in the ground colors of our spring prints.”
Black Quail Apparel has incorporated a Griffin microprint into its apparel.
Animal prints, not the leopard and cheetah we’ve had for a decade plus, but mini, all-over critter prints that contain a meaning. Black Quail Apparel, for example, introduces its Griffin microprint polo inspired by the legendary creature that stands as an emblem of power and strength. Built from the combination of an eagle and a lion, the Griffin symbolizes the synergy between the king of the land and the king of the air — and in golf isn't that what we strive to be?
Greyson Clothiers' Herron Dance polo carries a deeper message — slow down.
The whimsical Herron Dance men’s polo by Greyson Clothiers symbolizes tranquility as the water fowl creature wades through marshes and ponds with butterflies at its side. It carries a message reminding us to slow down and not rush through the challenges ahead.
Large florals make a return, as do other prints that are nature-inspired, such as feathers, that have a more scattered pattern — versus repetitive. This creates a very soft and relaxed look.
Elevated comfort is one of the positive things to come out of the pandemic. We learned that relaxed dress didn’t have to mean sloppy. With a little structure and shape, our joggers and sweatshirts made from cotton to cashmere can be the most versatile pieces in our closets.
Thanks to the pandemic, clothes such as Puma Golf's joggers have been promoted to elevated comfort. 
"The biggest trend we’re seeing is still comfort," said Chris MacNeill, team head of apparel and accessories, Cobra Puma Golf. "When golfers are looking at golf apparel, they may look for moisture-wicking, stretch, odor control, but at the end of the day comfort is king — they want apparel that meets their everyday needs both on and off the course. With a huge increase in consumers in a hybrid or work-from-home situation, we’re seeing stronger demand than ever for versatile, multi-use, comfortable product."
Additional things to look for in golf apparel this season are natural and recycled fibers, such as Radmor Golf’s 'RadCycling' initiative, which repairs damaged and well-worn products so they can be reused. As well, Adidas has several initiatives to reuse ocean plastic waste and eventually end plastic waste in its footwear and apparel. Self-expression and brand messaging is commonplace in street fashion, so we're starting to see that carry over more to the golf course. G/Fore’s ‘Girls Golf Too’ motto emblazoned on tops and hats is one example reminding us of gender equality in sport. Another is Eastside Golf, which is a lifestyle brand developed to raise awareness about golf among youth and non golfers, and to inspire a culture while promoting diversity. Collaborations between companies like the new J. Lindeberg x Ecco Golf boa shoe that debuted March 1 is a keen indication of more exciting golf gear to come this spring and beyond. 
Ferguson has been involved in the golf industry for more than a decade. She helped start and shape the weekly Apparel Wire e-publication originally created by the Golf Press Association that ran for eight years, and wrote the weekly editorial section devoted to golf fashion. 




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