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A ’70s style trend that made a major comeback a few seasons ago, tie-dye continues to be a popular nail art motif, especially among beauty enthusiasts who enjoy a colorful manicure. HYPEBAE has tapped Emilie Sanscartier, founder of beloved Montréal nail salon Le Manoir, for a tutorial on painting the grooviest tie-dye nails. Using a trio of gel nail colors from her 9 chemical-free, vegan and cruelty-free brand GELCARE, the nail artist shows us how to perfect the summer-ready design in a few simple steps.
Watch the video and follow the instructions below to create statement-making tie-dye nails yourself.

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How To Paint Tie-Dye Nails

1. To create contrast between the bright and light colors of a tie-dye design, use a white-based pastel shade (like GELCARE’s “Hibiscus Latte”) as the base color.
2. Choose your favorite color combination for your tie-dye nail art. The number of shades is not very important. Rather, the success of this design is based on the technique. Here, we’re using only two colors: GELCARE’s “Lavender Water,” a semi-translucent white-based color, and “Art Deco Mint,” a white-based color.
3. Apply two thin coats of “Hibiscus Latte.” Pay particular attention when applying a white-based color — it tends to be a little thick due to its texture. Pro tip: Minimize the quantity of gel on your brush, then pull the gel with very light pressure for thin and smooth application.
4. Cure each coat of “Hibiscus Latte” for 30 seconds. To begin creating your tie-dye artwork, use a brush to dab a drop of “Lavender Water” on your nail.
5. Soak your brush in alcohol, and remove excess alcohol with non-fiber cotton if needed. Delicately dilute the drop of “Lavender Water” to create a diffused ink effect. Pay attention to the amount of alcohol in your brush. If there’s too much alcohol, you’ll lose the effect; if there isn’t enough alcohol, you won’t be able to dilute the gel.
6. Between each coat of alcohol-diluted color, cure for 30 seconds. If needed, use a bit of “Hibiscus Latte” as an eraser to correct areas of your design that you don’t like. Since the shade is white-based, its opacity helps camouflage imperfections.
7. Apply the second color, “Art Deco Mint,” using the same technique with a brush. Don’t be afraid to paint over the first color. Cure for 30 seconds after each step.
8. Apply topcoat to level out your tie-dye artwork and give your nails a glossy shine. Cure for three minutes to optimize the strength of your manicure.

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