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2021 is almost over. With just a few hours remaining, it’s the time of the year to start preparing for New Year’s Eve decorations and get your list of new year’s resolutions ready.
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2021 is almost over. With just a few hours remaining, it’s the time of the year to start preparing for New Year’s Eve decorations and get your list of new year’s resolutions ready.
If you are planning on hosting a small new year celebration at your home, we have some of the best home decoration ideas for the new year to make your night memorable. Even if you are planning to spend it alone or with your close friends and family, these trendy ideas for new year room decoration can give a special touch to your day.
Browse this specially curated collection of new year room decorating ideas and choose the best design for your new year decoration at home.
LED lights can never go wrong. These glittery lights can be used for decorating your house during any function. The LED lights can be used for new year party decoration at home too. Place the LED lights on the walls of your rooms inside or place them outside the house, this is an in-trend new year party decoration idea at home. You can place them in different shapes or write Happy New Year 2022, the choice is yours. LED lights are easily available in the market and can be installed at home without any hassle. You can also use these lights to create DIY decors and add a shine to your ideas.
Wall crafts are easy to make and can be customized according to the occasion. A wall hanging decor is any piece of decoration, whether creative or religious that can be placed on the wall to improve a room’s aesthetics. Wall hanging crafts are easily available in stores near you and you can also choose from a wide variety of designs online. A wall hanging craft can be made at home too.
If you’re hosting a dinner party on New Year’s Eve, go full throttle with dramatic decor to impress your guests.
Geraldine Florin, the interior designer at Maisons du Monde, says: ‘Run a garland of battery-powered lights down the center of your dining table if you are hosting friends or family for dinner to add some sparkle, and gold tableware.
‘You can also use ribbons to hang baubles from a pendant light in the kitchen or a chandelier above the dining table. If you don’t have anywhere to hang baubles up above, consider tying them to the back of dining chairs ready to welcome dinner party guests.’
The ultimate way to say ‘let’s party ‘? It’s got to be disco balls. Sparkly and ultra-glam, they’ll work to create a fun, celebratory vibe that New Year’s Eve is all about.
Interior designer Raili Clasen comments: ‘Get a bunch of disco balls and tack them up onto the ceiling above a common space such as the dining area to make your installation.’
Keep a Christmas theme with accessories like star garlands, but elevate it for New Year by using gold or metallic finishes. These pop beautifully on a deep-blue background, but you can always mix blue and gold accessories if you don’t have blue furniture or walls.
‘Blue and gold are one of the richest pairings in the artist’s palette, with references ranging from Gatsby-Esque Art Deco to Byzantine-style banquets,’ says Annie Solan, Colour and Paint Expert. ‘Introducing metallic hints into deep blue schemes will elevate your look from every day to the celestial and celebratory.
‘Take a look round your home and think creatively about how to use what you already have – a kitchen dresser can make a fabulous drinks station styled with glassware and bottles while gold leaf and gilding waxes can be applied to candle holders, trays, and vases for glittering updates on a budget.’

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